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RE: This PROMISes to be odius


Oracle should shange it's corporate motto to:
"Oracle, bringing Big Brother to life" or
something similar. The problem with this sort of
software is that it is virtually made to be abused.

It is very, very obvious that the profit motive and
the reassurances of LEO's have totaly blinded any 
shred of ethics the corporation might have once

My reaction to this is simple. In the 70's, it was
acceptible reasoning for computer professionals to
not work in certain sectors of the industry because
they didn't want to be a part of the "military industrial

The 90's version of that is simply not to buy products
from vendors who engage in unacceptible practices.
Oracle clearly falls in this latter catagory.

I had been looking very strongly at specifying a 
DB made by one of Oracles competition due to experience
with it's nightmarish installation procedures, but this
pretty much clinches the deal where nothing else would.

The funny thing here is that since this is just a current
sale, and since there's allready plenty of technical 
reasons to look at competing products, I'd bet even 
money that over a relativly short amount of time 
I can offset ALL of the sales for this odious LEO
product alone.

I would encourage others to do the same.