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Re: This PROMISes to be odius

At 02:20 PM 10/18/95 -0400, Brad Dolan wrote:
>Tool Helps Federal, State, Municipal Agencies Stop the Criminal Element
>     Oracle SIUSS represents a major step forward in the collection, storage
>and analysis of case intelligence information for complex conspiracies, violent
>crimes such as rape and murder, drug trafficking, and other major cases.

On a related note, the October 1995 issue of Signal (the Official
publication of AFCEA) had this blurb on Oracle's Secure Network
Services product (pg 26):

    "The company's Secure Network Services product is designed to deal
with Internet security issues.  This system is designed for the
structured query language (SQL)* networking family of products for
significant technology advancement in the client-server arena.  The
company is establishing agreements with firewall vendors, such as DEC,
Sun Microsystems, Trusted Information Systems and Secure Computing
Computing Corportation in a new Internet Partners Venture.

    The Secure Network Services version 1.0 specifically deals with
encryption technology supporting RSA Data Security, Incorporated's RC4
encryption algorithm and digital encryption standards.  The RC4
digitial encryption algorithm uses a secret, randomly generated 40-bit
key for every SQL* Net sesssion.  All user network traffic, including
all data values, SQL* statements and stored procedure calls and
results, is safeguarded fully, according to Notargiacomo.  These
features support tamper-proof data transmission.

    The company's Secure Network Services Version 1.1 provides a
highly optimized 56-bit key U.S. data encryption standard (DES)
algorithm known as DES40, a version the combines DES with
international availability of a 40-bit key...

    ... MGen. Richard O'Lear, USAF (Ret.), an Oracle associate director,
notes that, with Secure Network Services, it virtually is impossible
for an intruder to alter or replay data or commands without