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Re: WHERE did this come from?

In article <[email protected]>,  <[email protected]> wrote:
>Attatched to this is, (I hope), the header text from a unsolicited e-mail 
>message I received.  The return address does not work.  WHY? How can I 
>inform the sender that I hope to never receive there material again?
>I tried "reply-all" through Eudora, but my reply got bounced back to me 
>as undeliverable.
>I have removed the content of the original message. I don't know why it 
>was sent to me, but it contained material that I found offensive.
>Any help, or words of wisdom and enlightenment would be appreciated. 
>Information would be nice too.  


>Return-Path: [email protected] Received: from asso.nis.garr.it (asso.nis.garr.it []) by coyote.rain.org (8=
>6.12/CSE) with SMTP id FAA20270; Sat, 30 Sep 1995 05:58:42 -0700 From: [email protected]
>Received: by asso.nis.garr.it (4.1/1.34/ABB950929)
>	id AA14320; Sat, 30 Sep 95 13:02:20 +0100 Received: by mercury.sfsu.edu (5.0/SMI-SVR4) 
>	id AA21676; Sat, 30 Sep 95 03:43:27 -0700 Date: Sat, 30 Sep 95 03:43:27 -0700
>Message-Id: <[email protected]> Subject: The Long March 
>Apparently-To: [email protected]
>If you are concerned about the fate Western/American civiliztion and its people, please take the time to read this artcle.

[remainder of political rant deleted]

I got it too.  It was a pretty good forgery, but the web pages mentioned
seem to be owned by [email protected]  It looks like a hit-and-run spam,
as he hasn't logged in for awhile.  But since netcom charges for disk space,
I took the liberty of mailing him a few uuencoded core files. :)  You might
want to send a few to his compuserve address too for good measure. 
([email protected])

It looks like their web site www.natvan.com got taken out already, tho they
still have the netcom one.