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Re: Yet Another "(Fwd) Internet Euro-Clipper"

At 12:20 PM 10/2/95, Peter Trei wrote:

>For those curious about the latency, I'm posting this at 12:08, on the US
>east coast.
>How long did it take to reach you?

I got it at 09:14, Pacific Daylight Time, so there appears to be no lag.

I've generally found that lags are on my end, that my system (got.net
currently) is delaying mail from _all_ or _most_ mailing lists. (This was
particularly the case last week, when Cypherpunks mail stopped for many
hours at a time, then arrived out of sequence when my ISP was (presumably)
able to receive the resent mail.)

>> Not to pick on Peter Trei, as this happens all the time, whenever a hot
>> issue appears.
>Short of implementing some content-sensitive form of CSMA/CD, I don't see
>what we
>can do (but lowering the list latency would help a lot).

Well, the main issue with the "Europe to Ban Crypto" reposts was that
several people reposted the same press release over a period of several
days, and the case I cited here was  where it was posted a week later. I
can't see how a latency, even a serious latency of several hours, could
cause this to happen.

Mostly I think people should try to first of all, _write original stuff_.
That is, write their own analyses of things. Their own essays, reactions,
etc. Then, secondarily, post pointers to longer stuff. Thirdly, and less to
be desired, forward articles.

--Tim May

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