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Re: Yet Another "(Fwd) Internet Euro-Clipper"

> At 5:12 PM 9/29/95, Peter Trei wrote:
> >Subject: European Governments Agree to Ban Strong Crypto

> The biggest problem I have with this is that this is the third, fourth, or
> fifth posting of Ross Anderson's piece to this list  [...]

> I urge people to read what's on the list and not repost things which have
> already appeared. If they don't have time to read all of the messages on
> the list, which is understandable, then they need to be even more careful
> in posting things.

Reading the list does not neccesarily help - I experience a several hour lag between when
I post something, and when it comes back from the list server.  Thus, even if I'm all 
caught up on my reading the list (as I was when I posted that article), articles may be 'in the
 pipe' which duplicate ones I'm thinking of posting. 

For those curious about the latency, I'm posting this at 12:08, on the US east coast.
How long did it take to reach you?

> Not to pick on Peter Trei, as this happens all the time, whenever a hot
> issue appears.

Short of implementing some content-sensitive form of CSMA/CD, I don't see what we
can do (but lowering the list latency would help a lot).

> --Tim May

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