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NT and C2

Here is the URL to an article in Network World by Winn Schwartau 
entitled, "One expert shares his views on Microsoft securitey features.


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Here is an excerpt:

 Since Microsoft Corp. products are usually robust, I was looking 
forward to seeing what type of security features the company implemented 
Windows NT Workstation Version 3.5. But after walking through the system 
with Microsoft product managers and developers, I was dismayed to find 
woefully short on security features Windows NT is. 
     Despite the fact that the U.S. government is expected to certify 
Windows NT as a secure operating system, Microsoft's first serious 
into security is not very impressive. Windows NT may pass muster with the 
federal government, but it does not meet the real-world security needs of 
corporations running complex, heterogeneous networked environments.

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