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`NOISE' what crypto is that ? [was Re: NT and C2]

Weld Pond writes:
 > http://www.iquest.net/cgi-bin/gate2?|mmMgT008://bbb.PHDx10.ix0/ibLD1P7i/ExUP0e/A1vxiw.T05smgmRibLD1P7iggyR/D1UgM/ppp/6DYsPv/ibLD1P7i/ExUP0e/ExUP0egMmN1xAUvTgrmNvgmwONgOmyMyYnlXkKCfX,ve8TxU8Di31,nlXk6CllpW,ve8TxU8Di31MRmypd
What kind of (en)coding is that ? some kind of rot13++ ?

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