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Re: NetScape's dependence upon RSA down for the count!

Sorry David,

	The offer was for a server/filter/MITM/proxy that logged clear text
not cyphered text for the SSL stream. Combine your program with SLL code
from other sources and 95% of the program is complete. Add to that a way
to produce a valid certificate for the client and you will earn the $50
and a lot of praise for a job well done from everybody.

> > I have a Fifty dollar bill for the first person to submit to the mail box
> > [email protected] a working Unix server (with cleartext session logs) which
> > accepts all connections on a unix based host to the www port and redirects
> > them to netscape.com leaving a clear text log of each session's SSL packets
> > in /tmp by session.  All entries become the property of DMS Design. The winner
> > and I will submit a claim for one of Community COnneXion's "I HACKED NETSCAPE"
> > tee shirts as a server hack. (Have Fun!!)
> > 
> This is a trivial program!  I can't believe anyone considers this
> technically difficult.  But hey, who am I to question, if you'll
> pay $50!
> Ok, let me back that up with real code.  Here's a proxy I've been
> using for experimenting, in lieu of root access & tcpdump.

For the rest of you, David gave you a small jump start. Checkout the
web pages at C2.org and netscape.com for access to the ssl prototype

Have fun,
John Bass
Owner, DMS Design