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Re: New Netscape bug (in version 1.12)

|   From [email protected] Tue Oct  3 04:39:23 1995
|   Subject: New Netscape bug (in version 1.12)
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|   C'punks, 
|     I just got back from a vacation in Raleigh, and downloaded the
|   new "fixed" Netscape 1.12. It took me about an hour, but I've
|   discovered another bug and potential security hole. This one relates
|   to mailto:.

Well, I'm still in Raleigh :-) but this doesn't do much of anything
to my Macintosh, Netscape 1.1N, under System 7.5. Looks like a bug
in your X server. However, Netscape 1.1N for Solaris, running under
X11R6 X server, dumps core fairly quickly. I haven't had a chance
to try out the 1.12 version on UNIX or Mac, but the 1.22 32-bit 
Windoze version handles it fine under NT 3.5.1.


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