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   10-3-95. Wash Rag:

   "Employment Database Proposal Raises Cries of 'Big

      Critics say that in its zeal to combat illegal
      immigration, Congress is steering the nation toward an
      "Orwellian nightmare," an era of all-knowing federal
      oversight whereby officials will be able to verify
      citizenship by using high-tech national identification
      cards. So far, no member of Congress has openly called
      for a national ID card, at least by that name.

      Rep. Bill McCollurn (R-Fla.) said he intends to offer an
      amendment on the House floor to create a "more secure"
      Social Security card with a photo, a hologram and
      "perhaps a biometric identifier."

      Microchip technology can make ID cards especially
      intrusive. According to an analysis by the Cato
      Institute, one newly patented ID card can hold a photo
      and 1,600 pages of text. Another identification system
      developed by a major defense contractor consists of a
      microchip the size of a grain of rice that can be
      implanted under the skin with a syringe and read with a

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