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Re: economic espionage (@#$%^&*) (fwd)

NY Times, Oct 3, 1995, Business Employment Ad.

1984 Sarajevo, Olympics; 1995 Sarajevo, Battleground

Every day in our world, new threats, new challenges, new
missions emerge. The people of the Central Intelligence
Agency are dedicated to meeting the missions of the day,
providing information and resources that aid decision
makers in solving the problems and responding to issues
that affect us all.

You can play an integral role in our mission, while
advancing your own career.

The Central Intelligence Agency is currently seeking
professional men and women who will be comfortable living
and working abroad. These positions entail extended
overseas assignments in various parts of the world.
Previous service in long-term foreign assignments, in
either business or government positions, is a definite

Changing international economic, political and social
conditions make a broad range of professional backgrounds
suitable for these positions. Your experience may be in
economics finance, marketing, or general business.
Scientific or technical experience in engineering
disciplines, physical sclences, biological sciences, or
any area of high technology research and development is
of particular interest.

These overseas positions require more than appropriate
professional experience. Successful candidates must also
demonstrate a high degree of individual initiative, self
reliance and personal integrity. Naturally, the ability
to speak or learn a foreign language is expected along
with above average communications skills, both oral and
written. A Bachelor's degree is a minimum requirement.
Advanced degree or military service is a plus.

All applicants must successfully complete a thorough
medical and psychiatric exam, a polygraph interview, and
an extensive background investigation. U.S. citizenship,
or eligibility for citizenship, is required. CIA
encourages applications from men and women of every
racial and ethnic background from all parts of the nation
-- we represent America and we want to be representative
of America.

We will respond within 30 days if your application is
evaluated as being of interest.

Central Intelligence Agency
Dept. 15FS
P.O. Box 12002
Arlington, VA 22209-8727
Fax: 703-482-7395

CIA is an equal opportunity employer

[CIA eagle-headed all-points shield logo]

[Motto] Meet the Challenge of a Changing World