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NYT: WWW Usage Monitoring for Marketing

New York Times, National Edition, 95/10/03:

A positive sign in the marketing/privacy war on the net:

In his regular Advertising column, Stuart Elliott discusses the presentation
of a report on the problem of "assuring accurate and comprehensive measurement
of consumer exposure to advertisements that appear in interactive media like
World Wide Web sites and on-line services."

The report was issued by "Casie", the Coalition for Advertising Supported
Information and Entertainment, a creation of two main advertising trade 
groups: the American Assn. of Advertising Agencies, and the Assn. of Nat'l.

Elliott's article identifies three main issues covered in the report. One of
these is privacy:

	"Every effort should be made to maintain consumers' privacy,"
	the report urges, adding that identities of computer users 
	"must not be revealed by audience measurement providers."

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