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   10-4-95. W$Japer:

   "MasterCard, Backed by IBM and Others, Enters Fight for
   Internet-Payment Rules."

      MasterCard said it entered into a collaborative effort
      with IBM, Netscape, CyberCash and GTE to release a draft
      of technical requirements for any software companies and
      financial institutions that want to develop programs for
      electronic commerce.

   "Lockheed Plans Satellite System For $4 Billion."

      Lockheed Martin proposed to build a $4 billion satellite
      system for two-way global computer networking,
      videoconferencing and other on-demand services in a
      challenge to plans by the Hughes unit of GM and the
      separate Teledesic venture. Lockheed disclosed that it
      has filed for FCC authority to place nine large
      satellites in high-altitude orbits by about the year
      2000 to form a new system called Astrolink for
      high-data-rate transmissions.

   "Morgan Stanley Puts $200 Million In Telecom Venture."

      In an effort to ride the global telecommunications boom,
      Morgan Stanley Capital Partners is investing $200
      million in Sita Group in a move to allow the world-wide
      airline cooperative to create a for-profit
      telecommunications unit.

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