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   10-4-95. NYPaper:

   "AT&T Puts New Emphasis On Satellites. 12-Spacecraft
   Network Proposed to Regulators."

      The AT&T Corporation, in an early sign of how it plans
      to pursue its Internet and global communications
      strategy after the company's planned divestiture, has
      quietly filed a Federal application to build and launch
      a multibillion-dollar global satellite network. The
      system would let computer users bypass local telephone
      networks and connect directly to the Internet via
      satellite dish antennas slightly larger than two feet in

   "Satellite Services Hear the Naysayers."

      The concept has great promise: a string of satellites
      offering global wireless telephone service, where the
      caller is never out of range. Making the concept
      reality, however, is proving stubbornly difficult. The
      four major services in the nascent global wireless
      business are on the defensive for the first time in
      their brief history. A pair of troubled debt offerings
      have raised questions about the viability of so-called
      global personal communications.

   "A New Computer Dazzles a Jaded Industry Crowd."

      The BeBox is incompatible with everything now on the
      market. But the sheer dazzle of the new personal
      computer by Jean-Louis Gassee, the former engineering
      head of Apple Computer Inc., drew a standing ovation
      from a normally skeptical crowd of 500 of some of the
      most discerning executives in technology.

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