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Re: Keyserver keyrings

[email protected] (Syrinx Anonymous Remailer) writes:

> According to 'Derek Atkins':
> > The name pgp.mit.edu is now
> > pointing at another machine (which I do not maintain).  For access to
> > the keyring, send email to [email protected] -- that is the
> > supported method of access.
> does anybody out there maintain a current keyring that can be grabbed
> via anon ftp instead? It seems like a waste of time for hundreds of
> users to continually add updates to their own keyrings when the whole
> keyserver ring can be picked up at one time, updates and all? ftp is
> much more convenient than stringing together multiple sections received
> by e-mail.

That's what I did with WS_FTP until they stopped updating it on August 24th.


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