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(cpx) Mastercard, IBM, Netscape, CyberCash and GTE publish SEPP

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Subject: Mastercard, IBM, Netscape, CyberCash and GTE publish SEPP
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Date: Thu, 05 Oct 1995 16:12:23 -0400
From: Amir Herzberg <[email protected]>

MasterCard's Secure Electronic Payment Protocol is now available on the WWW at
http://www.mastercard.com/Sepp/sepptoc.htm (without the `l').

This protocol is based on iKP but includes much more details. You can download
it from the page above until we `re-hash' it into Internet Draft form.
Comments are very welcome, and I suggest we use the e-payment mailing list
for them (until an IETF working group is formed).

I believe that the publication of this spec and the STT spec suggests that
we should in fact proceed now with establishing a working group. So, I plan
to submit an updated charter soon... Comments on it are also welcome.

Best, Amir

Text version of the page:

Secure Electronic Payment Protocol Specification

The development of electronic commerce is at a critical juncture. Consumer
for secure access to electronic shopping and other services is very high;
want simple, cost-effective methods for conducting electronic transactions;
institutions want a level-playing field for software suppliers to ensure
products at competitive prices. The next step to achieving secure,
on-line transactions at a rate fast enough to satisfy market demand, is the
development of a single, open industry specification.

The generally accepted process for developing a technical standard or
within an industry is comprised of five steps:

   Collaboration of interested parties

   Preparation of the document

   Availability of the document for comment

   Modification of the document based on the comments

   Publication of the document for implementation.

In a effort to develop a specification for securing bankcard transactions over
Internet and other open networks, IBM, Netscape, GTE, CyberCash and MasterCard
have cooperatively developed the following draft document, which is now
for review and comment. Each company brought unique and valuable experience to
the effort.

The result of this collaboration is Secure Electronic Payment Protocol (SEPP)
open, vendor-neutral, non-proprietary, license-free specification for securing
on-line transactions. Currently in draft form, this document is available for
and comment by all interested parties. It also will be sent to Internet
bodies, including the Internet Engineering Task Force. Once comments are
modifications will be made and a final document will be published in the public

Access to SEPP Specification

 This specification is structured in five files in order to make downloading

 Preface: This file provides an overview of the entire SEPP document.

 Postscript (.Z), Postscript (.zip), Postscript (.hqx),
 Mac OS (Word 5.1[.hqx])

 If you'd like to browse just this part, Click Here.

 Part 1 - Business Requirements: This file defines the major business
 requirements for secure electronic payments.

 Postscript (.Z), Postscript (.zip), Postscript (.hqx),
 Mac OS (Word 5.1[.hqx])

 Part 2 - Functional Specification: This file contains the functional
 specification for the payment process and the certificate management system.

 Postscript (.Z), Postscript (.zip), Postscript (.hqx),
 Mac OS (Word 5.1[.hqx])

 Part 3 - Payment System Specification: This file defines the detailed design
 for the payment system.

 Postscript (.Z), Postscript (.zip), Postscript (.hqx),
 Mac OS (Word 5.1[.hqx])

 Part 4 - Certificate Management Specification: This file defines the detailed
 design for the Certificate Management System.

 Postscript (.Z), Postscript (.zip), Postscript (.hqx),
 Mac OS (Word 5.1[.hqx])

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