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Re: Graphic encryption


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[email protected] (Steve ) wrote:

> I am currently working for a company that has a graphic encryption 
> product called PrivaSoft. I was wondering if there were other products 
> or engines that also provide graphic encryption. (graphic encryption is 
> the use of a encryption algorythm to scramble an image taken of a 
> document.) 
> Also if any of ya'll are famillar with graphic encryption, I am looking 
> for opinions as to its strengths / weaknesses.

The description you give us is meaningless. The strengh of an encryption
alogirithm must depend only on the algorithim and key used, not on the
data (in your case graphics) being encrypted. It is utterly irrelevant
_what_ is being encrypted, all that matters is _how_ it is being
encrypted. Send us the algorithm and source code and we'll take a look at

And by the way, "proprietary" algorithms are generally junk and should not
be relied upon by security concious individuals and businesses. Only
algorithms that have undergone extensive peer review should be considered
for use.
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