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Transgenders begin lobbying against ITAR

Transgender Lobby Days has come and gone.

I taught transgender persons about PGP and ITAR.
It got a good reception, and they are beginning to use it.

We went to all 535 congressional offices in two days,
and began to get the "transgender lobby block" noticed.
We did get all of the legislative staffers email addresses,
and will spill the results of this soon, so you can mount
an anti-ITAR campaign of you own.

I concentrated on the media galleries, and began to get the
transgender positions related to the media. We did get lots of
press, and a 20-20 piece coming soon.

They were all virtually uninformed about ITAR or the
Netscape situation. I did my best on ITAR while I was there.

This report is being filed at alt.coffee, a cybercoffeehouse
on Avenue A and 10th Street, in New York City. 

Gotta go this is costing 16.00 an hour to file.

Love Always,

Carol Anne

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