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Open Market, Inc. Announcing security products

Here is what they are going to do..

by tues 

1) Hosting a web site where a user with any browser can find out if
   their browser is secure. List security problems associated with
   that browser. "a self diagnostic center"

Using their knowledge base about browsers to create this feature.

shortly thereafter:

2) Creating ref. implementations for the Open Market server; methods
   of verifying what browser you are connecting with and lookup
   security bugs and or proceed with transaction. Make CGI scripts
   available for operators of other servers. Basically letting other
   sites do what they are doing it step 1.

3) Offer a free upgrade problem for people who have a server that has
   had a security breach. They can download a known secure server.
   This upgrade is for any commercial server browser that has a known
   breach. E.g., update a netsite server but not a CERN 3.0 server even
   if the CERN operator has hacked it to make it secure.