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Re: CancelMoose = William Nagengast?

At 9:21 PM 10/6/95, Anonymous wrote:
>I did a little digging around, and came up with the following identity
>for the cancelmoose:
>> finger [email protected]
>Login Name: moose                       Full Name: William Nagengast
>Directory: /net/u/11/m/moose            Shell: /usr/local/bin/psh
>Last login Wed Nov  9 17:21:18 on panix.com ttyq2 from ts3.nyc.access.n.
>No mail information available.
>Is this publicly known information?

Who cares?

And if I did care who the "cancelmoose" is, I'd care more about the trail
of evidence "Anonymous" thinks links "cancelmoose" to the eponymous moose
at panix.com. Name space collisions are hardly convincing.

Oh, did I tell you I discovered the real identity of Jack the Ripper? A
finger of [email protected] reveals some very interesting information. Film
at 11.

Once again, anonymity is being used as a cover for cluelessness.

--Tim May

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