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Re: CancelMoose = William Nagengast?

> Who cares?

Well, nobody, really. Actually I feel kinda guilty about posting this
in the first place.

> And if I did care who the "cancelmoose" is, I'd care more about the trail
> of evidence "Anonymous" thinks links "cancelmoose" to the eponymous moose
> at panix.com. Name space collisions are hardly convincing.

Sorry. I did leave out one key piece of information:

> host cm.org
cm.org mail is handled by panix3.panix.com
cm.org mail is handled by not-a-firewall.panix.com
cm.org mail is handled by panix4.panix.com
cm.org mail is handled by panix.com
cm.org mail is handled by panix2.panix.com

That, in conjunction with the fact that [email protected] is the email
address given for the cancelmoose, does point to the connection.

However, after a little further investigation, I don't think it really
is Mr. Nagengast. It actually appears that panix.com is running a
little remailer. As Dave Winer would say, cooooool.

> Oh, did I tell you I discovered the real identity of Jack the Ripper? A
> finger of [email protected] reveals some very interesting information. Film
> at 11.

> Once again, anonymity is being used as a cover for cluelessness.

You're right. My sincerest apologies.