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Re: CancelMoose = William Nagengast?

At 1:32 AM 10/7/95, Syrinx Anonymous Remailer wrote:
>Well, nobody, really. Actually I feel kinda guilty about posting this
>in the first place.
>Sorry. I did leave out one key piece of information:
>> host cm.org
>cm.org mail is handled by panix3.panix.com
>However, after a little further investigation, I don't think it really
>is Mr. Nagengast. It actually appears that panix.com is running a
>little remailer. As Dave Winer would say, cooooool.
>You're right. My sincerest apologies.

Well, presuming that the two anonymous parties are the same, I'm impressed
that Anonymous was fairly graceful in his comments here.

Good to see, as so many "Anonymous" comments are only flames and insults.

Too bad we don't who she or he is.

--Tim May

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