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Re: CancelMoose = William Nagengast?

>>However, after a little further investigation, I don't think it really
>>is Mr. Nagengast. It actually appears that panix.com is running a
>>little remailer. As Dave Winer would say, cooooool.
>>You're right. My sincerest apologies.

>Well, presuming that the two anonymous parties are the same, I'm impressed
>that Anonymous was fairly graceful in his comments here.
>Too bad we don't who she or he is.

#define paranoia on

Just ask your local TLA that has traffic monitors on the up and down links of
all the remailers so they can track a piece of email from sender to recipient.
They will take the (relatively small) logs of the hour and pump out a name
for you.

#define paranoia off

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