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Re: CancelMoose = William Nagengast?

Mark writes:
> #define paranoia on
> Just ask your local TLA that has traffic monitors on the up and down links of
> all the remailers so they can track a piece of email from sender to recipient.
> They will take the (relatively small) logs of the hour and pump out a name
> for you.
> #define paranoia off
> :)

That's one of the principal advantages of Mixmaster over the earlier 
generation anonymous remailers. Approaching a Chaumian digital mix more
closely than previous implementations, it uses only encrypted standard-sized
packets in transit. This protocol should make it hard or impossible to 
narrow the list down to anything like a single name, depending on ambient
traffic conditions.

-Futplex <[email protected]>
"Our encryption doesn't use an encryption algorithm" -Elementrix