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Re: BoS: Re: Netscape & Fortessa

On Wed, 11 Oct 1995, Anonymous wrote:

> Netscape to Offer Fortezza Cryptographic Capability for
> Its Software Products
> Underscores Company's Commitment to US Government Market

<... snip ...>
> Support for Fortezza has been added to Netscape's Secure
> Sockets Layer (SSL) open protocol.  SSL provides a

I wonder how open a protocol is when one company proposes it, changes it at
will, and makes what looks like a token effort for acceptance for peer review
through mechanisms currently in place?

scott barman
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  "I don't know if security explains why the Win95 support Web servers run BSDI
   2.0--an Intel-based Unix--rather than Windows NT, which Microsoft insists is
   the ideal Web software solution.  Does Redmond know something we don't know?"
             -Robert X. Cringely, INFORWORLD, 9/11/95