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Re: Netscape 2.0 beta

The shipped beta1 does not work on hpux8.07 (don't bother the looooong
download if you have that OS version) because of libc version.
(yes i know 8.07 is old when latest hp is 10 but 8.07 is also 
 stable and I didn't yet found the time to loose for major upgrade
 (and there is probably a lot of hpux8 sites around))

ps1: are the md5sums coming ?
ps2: it would be nice that ftp site implements an "SITE md5 <file>"
command, so you'd just get the sums from ftp.netscape.com and fetch
the files from mirror and check...
(the pgp signed md5sums posted on newsgroup, mailing list, ftp and web
is even better)

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