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(ecm) Chaum patent prices (was Re: cypherpunks digicash bank?)

[Marcel just posted this in the ecm list, I'm taking the liberty of
doing a Rob Hettinga and acting as human gateway between lists, as the
posts this was in response to were posted to both lists. -Adam]

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Subject: Chaum patent prices
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I just want to make a quick comment on the prices that have been
floating around on this list ($150K +10%). No doubt this is what
David asked at some point to some individual but it is NOT the
'list price' -- there is no such thing as a list price. It all
depends on the application, business potential etc.

The up-front patent price should never be an obstacle for setting up
business. If you wanna do serious business, I suggest to give David
Chaum a call, or call Dan Eldridge. Phone numbers and email addresses
can be found on our web pages. You might be surprised.

And may I remind you that the patent price that is quoted is just
a tiny drop in the bucket compared to the kind of money spent on
marketing budgets for systems like Mondex!!! You are really talking
about a non-issue here, IMHO.

Marcel van der Peijl
DigiCash bv