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   10-10-95. NYPaper:

   "Deleted, but Not Gone or Forgotten."

      Files produced by Microsoft Office Windows applications,
      including Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Access, often
      incorporate chunks of data previously deleted from the
      disk on which the files were saved. Microsoft said the
      problem was solved in earlier versions of Microsoft Word
      but that it has recurred in the new version for Windows
      95. Third-party programmers report another security
      lapse. Word offers optional password protection by
      encryption. The encryption, however, does not extend to
      "objects" within the file.

   "Chip Maker Introduces a Chip for Super Use and for

      One of the most closely watched Silicon Valley start-up
      companies plans on Tuesday to disclose details of an
      ambitious computer chip that it hopes will one day be
      used in everything from cable modems to supercomputers.
      Microunity Systems Engineering Inc. said its chips would
      be able to process information 10 times faster than
      today's personal computer microprocessors. The chip will
      consist of 10.5 million transistors and will process
      data at a gigahertz, or a billion operations a second.
      It is designed so that it can process information in
      parallel and will be capable of issuing up to four
      128-bit-wide instructions simultaneously.

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