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Re: PC disk wipe software - SUPERWIPE 1.04R

At 04:45 1995.10.10 -0500, Gary Jeffers wrote:
>   As for the problem of getting rid of old buffer data writes to the end
>of last file cluster writes, my program doesn't handle that. However, if
>there is no disk compressor, I don't think it would be that hard to write
>a function to handle it. In reality, I don't think that this problem is
>much of a problem anyway. It would only occur at the end of small files.

Thanks for the post.  Just a thought: there is dead space at the end of
virtually all files, not just small ones.  On average, half a cluster is
wasted at the end of any given file.  Only files that happen to be an exact
multiple of the cluster size won't have wasted bytes (on my main drive, with
a cluster size of 16K, on average about one file out of 16,000+ wouldn't
have any wasted space).


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