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Re: Java idea

At 09:54 AM 10/10/95 -0400, Mike Fletcher <[email protected]> wrote:
>Well, security bugs aside (and I've got the sun4.1.3_u1 and Win32 ns2b
>distributions :) has anyone given any thought to using Java to do some
>sort of Chinese Lottery attack.  I was re-reading App. Crypto. last
>night and it could be feasable.  If you could get your key cruncher
>thread loaded into a good many browsers to run when idle . . . .  How
>many estimated copies of NS are there?  Anyone want to do the math? :)

Yeah, this was discussed; mix it in with a cool screen saver 
        "We're busy hacking Microsoft!" bouncing around the screen
and you could probably get a lot of people to try it, assuming of course
that it can run in offline mode conveniently, which I'm not sure
Netscape can yet (downloading the software, copying mozock/nullsock as
winsock, and restarting Netscape doesn't strike me as convenient,
which means it's also not an off-line mail/news reader yet.)

The negative part is that Java Bytecode interpretation is about 10x slower
than native code; you'd have to get people to download native libraries
for their platform to do the grunt work.
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