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On export restrictions and the NYT/Internet Commerece

	The recent NYT article about the NFS work (nominally about the
NFS work, I wouldn't call "spoofing NFS" to be tantamount to being
able to spoof any file xfer over the internet) stresses that the
internet wasn't built for security, yadd yadda yadda and therefore
isn't very useful for internet commerce at this point.

	I urge everyone who talks to the media about this to stress
export restrictions.. The infrastructure *would* be in place by now if
we didn't have export restrictions. Deployed encryption at the IP
level would be much easier if we didn't have export restrictions,
etc. etc.

	Now that the potential for big bucks are obviously on the line
maybe, (They always were on the line, it is just more obvious
now) just maybe, enogh large corporations will invest in lobbying for
the removal of export restrictions that it will get done.

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