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Noise: Re: CJR for perl-RSA t-shirt

On Thu, 12 Oct 1995, Jiri Baum wrote:

> Perhaps somebody should make IDEA shorts?
> Then it would be interoperable with PGP...
> (Would tooooo. You just have to remember what the header is.)

You'd still need an MD5 necktie.

(and your matching stealth sunglasses? When does this go too far?
This ridiculous looking figure is begging for its own worlds chat avatar.
Violate ITAR and good fashion in vr. Which begs the question, would anyone
notice if First Cypherpunks Bank were operating in such a networked video 
game? Now *that* would be a non-bank financial institution. I can just 
see it in court: "your honor, the disclaimer clearly says it is all a game,
the state's agents have simply suspended all disbelief". Talk about stego.)