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Re: Noise: Re: CJR for perl-RSA t-shirt


Hello [email protected]
> On Thu, 12 Oct 1995, Jiri Baum wrote:
> > 
> > Perhaps somebody should make IDEA shorts?
> > 
> > Then it would be interoperable with PGP...
> > (Would tooooo. You just have to remember what the header is.)
> You'd still need an MD5 necktie.

Actually, you don't - you just don't get signatures without it.
However, authentication AFAIK was never a problem to export,
so there's no need to bother.

If you are reading a signed message, you simply strip off the
signature without checking it (or you leave it on and pass it
through a hypothetical exportable auth-only PGP).

For creating messages, you have to make do without signatures.

What you *would* need would be a coin, but I guess this is
generally available (you know, flip it a hundred times to
generate the session key).

> (and your matching stealth sunglasses? When does this go too far?
> This ridiculous looking figure is begging for its own worlds chat avatar.
> Violate ITAR and good fashion in vr. Which begs the question, would anyone
> notice if First Cypherpunks Bank were operating in such a networked video 
> game? Now *that* would be a non-bank financial institution. I can just 
> see it in court: "your honor, the disclaimer clearly says it is all a game,
> the state's agents have simply suspended all disbelief". Talk about stego.)

Hmm, just like Monopoly money, I guess.

Nobody's been busted yet for printing that, have they.

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