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Re: NYT on Internet Flaws

> Well, in addition, universal deployment of Photuris and IPSP would
> probably prevent the sort of active attack being discussed because you
> could no longer replace the packets.

	Do you think the major OS/router vendors are going to
implement IPSP int heir stacks with standing export restrictions? I
don't think so. Seems like that's the thing the article should have

> > As for the article - 9/10 scaring people, 1/10 semi-fact.  Be serious?  NFS
> > is not the basic structure of the Internet.  I'm embarrassed that an article
> > so weak in its explanations and so high on fluff appeared on the front page
> > of a well respected newspaper.
> It was suprisingly weak for a John Markoff story (he usually gets the
> details exactly right) but it is an issue that had to be brought up
> and I see no reason to call it a bad article overall. The alarmism is
> needed -- people have to get off their asses (including me).
> Perry

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