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Re: Pointer to 10/9/95 EE Times Article

At 7:30 PM 10/11/95, Anonymous wrote:

>"According to the group's moderator, who prefers to remain anonymous,
> `The most important means to the defense of privacy is encryption.
> Cypherpunks are therefore devoted to cryptography.  They wish to learn
> about it, to teach it and to implement it.'"
>Ok, since when is the Cypherpunk's mailing list moderated?
>It is apparent that the author, Larry Lange, has never studied the
>list closely or he would know how amusing this sounds...
>(Geez, if he had ever read one of Tim May's posts on the subject... :-)

I have a theory about this.

First, I recognize the style of the quote, as no doubt many of you do.

Second, my guess is that the reporter contacted the person being quoted,
asked "What is your role?," couldn't interpret the answer given, and so
used the only term he understood. Namely, leader or moderator.

Anarchies are tough for hierarchical minds to grasp.

--Tim May

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