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Identity database, another attempt...

Well, you ungrateful wretches objected to our great 
employment database and national ID card plans when they 
were presented as a means of immigration control.  How 
about this, then:  We need an employment-tracking 
database and licenses for everything so we can crack
down on "deadbeat dads."  Now that sounds more plausible,
doesn't it!

Please?  We really want to track you closely.  It's for 
your own good, you know.

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AP reported on 10/12/95:

  Deadbeat parents beware: Pay up or lose your license. And not 
  just your driver's license. Your hunting, fishing, trapping,
  boating, occupational and professional licenses may be taken 
  away too. 
  That's the promise that Congress, intensifying the fight against 
  parents who refuse to support their children, intends to send to 
  millions of deadbeats as it writes final legislation to transform 
  the nation's anti-poverty programs. ...
  Central to [House and Senate proposals ...] is a requirement that 
  every state have a program to revoke or restrict the licenses of 
  parents who fail to pay, along with a central registry to track 
  new hiring and match employment records with child support 
  obligations.  ...

[Can you say "10th Amendment," Robert Dole?  I knew you could!
You are against this, aren't you Bob?  Bob?  Bob??!!]

  The Department of Health and Human Services ...  estimates that if
  every state had a license revocation program in place, child support
  collections would grow by $2.5 billion over 10 years. 

[During which time the federal government will spend $20,000 billion.
Relative peanuts, in other words.]

  According to HHS, 32 states and Puerto Rico now have laws on the books to
  restrict or revoke driving privileges and professional, occupational or
  sporting licenses. ...     ^^^^^^^^^^

[Note that driving, necessary for living in most places, is now a 
*privilege* granted by the government.  In other words, *living* is
a government-granted privilege.]

  Paula Roberts, a child support expert with the Center for Law and 
  Social Policy, a liberal research and advocacy group in Washington, 
  said license revocation programs can be effective -- but only if 
  states have the necessary computers in place.  ...

Essay questions for extra credit:  

(1.) Explain how an advocate of the proposed system of monitoring 
and control could be considered "liberal."  

Or "conservative."

(2.) How many (ab)uses of this system are possible and
how long will it take for them to be implemented?

(3.) Compare and contrast this plan with the Soviet 
internal passport / labor book system.