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Re: Identity database, another attempt...

On Thu, 12 Oct 1995, Brad Dolan wrote:

>   restrict or revoke driving privileges and professional, occupational or
>   sporting licenses. ...     ^^^^^^^^^^
> [Note that driving, necessary for living in most places, is now a 
> *privilege* granted by the government.  In other words, *living* is
> a government-granted privilege.]

Luckily other governments will still grant you driving licenses so you 
just have to take a foreign trip.

It's clear that the Federal Job Licensing system is meant to be 
extended to denial of work rights for deadbeat dadism, tax evasion, 
overdue library books, whatever.  Certainly encourages self employment.


"Do you have a moral right to register your kid.  Wait till he grows up 
and ask him if he wants to be registered."