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Re: what are these people selling????

At 7:22 AM 10/13/95, [email protected] wrote:

>why is the cp meeting sponsored by sun?
>so we can hear a sales pitch on java?

Again, anonymity is used to cloak an ignorant flame.

But I'll respond anyway.

First, who cares who hosts the meeting? Does anyone think we are so
"corruptable" as to change opinions based on who hosts a meeting?

Second, we met for our first 15-18 months at the Mountain View offices of
Cygnus Support. Did this taint us? Did we all become Gnu hackers? Then we
met for about a year at the Mountain View offices of Silicon Graphics. Same

Third, there is much interest in Java. Positive interest, and skeptical
interest. Most meetings have a focus on some topic....this one happens to
be a focus on Java.

Fourth, Marianne Mueller is coordinating this meeting, and she happens to
work for Sun. We should be glad we have a meeting site.

(Meeting sites that can hold 25-40 people for an entire afternoon are not
that easy to find. Pizza places typically don't get enthusiastic about
all-day meetings. Homes are typically too small. And so it goes.)

So, come out of your anonymity and stop the mindless insults.

--Tim May

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