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Re: IDEA algorithm

At 7:50 PM 10/12/95, Adam Shostack wrote:
>| (Btw... what would be the absolute coolest thing folk would like to see
>| added to RSAREF? That is, other than code that we will need to negotiate
>| for. What new thing, speed upgrade, enhancement, etc would just tickle?)
>        Consistant pricing.  The knowledge that any app I develop
>using RSAREF can be made into licensed for commercial use product for
>a set, known, published fee.  This would be the biggest win for

To some degree that is already true. There is no upfront cost for the
licensing, so it is straight royalty based. Right now its 5-4% declining
with gross sales.

>        Another really big win would be to add more entry points to
>the code to legitimize Wei Dai's excellent Crypto++ library, which has
>to jump in at all sorts of unpublished interfaces.

I'll look into this one. We have the ability to add more entry points. Thanks.
That is exactly the kind of thing I was hoping to get.



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