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Exporting Mental States

At 2:30 PM 10/13/95, Michael Froomkin wrote:
>On Thu, 12 Oct 1995, Vincent Cate wrote:
>> If while you are outside the USA you want to write some software that uses
>> encryption and sell it worldwide, let me know.  I could put you up while
>> you wrote it and my company could sell it for share of the selling price.
>> Let me know what you are thinking of and how long you think it would take.
>Of course if you are a US person (citizen or green card holder) this is
>just as much a violation of the ITAR than if you did it from inside the US...

And recalling Matt Blaze's hilarious tale of trying to get the right forms
filled out and approved at an airport prior to departure for Europe, one
has to wonder what confused looks would be gotten were someone to try to
get a "Commodity Jurisdiction Request" (or whatever is needed) to export
one's thoughts....

"Yes, I'm trying to find out what forms I need to fill out to export the
cryptography knowledge that's now in my head."


"Well, I understand that it's illegal for me to think crypto thoughts in
Anguilla, where I'm going on vacation. So, to protect me in the event I
talk in my sleep, and a foreign national hears me, I want to register with
your office."


--Tim May

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