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Re: Exporting Mental States

I just arrived in Ottawa, Canada from Seattle, USA.  I had sort of 
thought through exactly what Tim just described.  I had a little 
notebook with me and was doing some calculations and design of a 
fractal compression algorithm.  I started to think about El-Gamal and 
decided to look at elliptical curve algorithms.  So, I pulled out my 
copy of Applied Crypto to look up some things and started writing 
things down. (BTW: I had Applied Crypto with me for recreational 
reading on the plane, I don't normally carry it everywhere I go.)

Anyway, i got to customs in Ottawa, and they asked me if I had 
anything to declare.  I immediately thought, "Should I tell them 
about the notebook?"  I decided against it.  How does export of 
intellectual property work?

The other question they asked me was "Do you have any eggs?"  I 
started giggling.  **SARCASM ON** I always carry an egg around in my 
inside coat pocket.  Who knows when you might need one, especially 
when in a foreign country. **SARCASM OFF**  I don't know, I guess the 
question just struck me as funny.

Brad Shantz
TRISource (formerly TriLogic) Windows Development Services