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Re: responce to graphic encryption replies

> Steve Orrin writes:
> [...]
> >     One of the key strengths, as I see it, of graphic encryption is 
> > that during decryption via hacking, there is an added time element when 
> > a human interface is required to verify the product, ( since it is a 
> > graphic picture being produced, regular checksums for intelligible 
> > words can't be used sans implementing OCR), even if this is only 10 
> > milliseconds per try this is increases the time to crack 
> This is an interesting point I hadn't previously considered. Can anyone
> comment on the state of the art in fast approximate character recognition ?
> I expect that the people working on recognition of text in TV pictures etc.
> would have a good idea. 
> -Futplex <[email protected]>

I wouldn't think you would have to use OCR to detect a successful 
decryption. The graphic file is going to have a highly correlated 
structure, long runs of white space etc. The statistics for such a file 
would be different than the random distribution you'd get from using the 
wrong key. Even if the graphics format is compressed, leading to a more 
even distribution, there might be known plaintext at the beginning of the 
file, headers, size etc.

Ron McCoy
[email protected]