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Re: Netscape question transformed

>         Why would a compony like Netscape jeapordise themselves by
> even letting out a beta version so hackers have time to find bugs
> before the full version is released. Don't take me wrong I have only
> been on the net fer a little over a year and Love Netscape.  And If I
> knew what I was Doing I would love to help them.....

I don't think that this can jeopardize a company...  What would you
rather see?  A company makes a beta release for people to attempt to
break, fixes the bugs, and then releases a better product?  Or would
you rather see a company release a product, tell people it is secure,
and then get bitten by numerous holes in it?

From a PR perspective, it sounds much better to take the first tact.
Similarly, you will get a better product using the first method.
Using the second method, NOT beta-testing your product, has a greater
chance of jeopardizing a company.  At least if they put out a beta, if
the press calls, they can say "this is nor our final product -- we
wanted to let people give it a try and find problems, so that we can
fix them before we start shipping".


PS: I remember what it was like being 13 -- I remember feeling like I
knew more than everyone around me, my parents, my friends, my
teachers.  The only suggestion I have for you is to realize that no
matter how much you know, or how much you think you know, there is
always someone else who knows more than you do.  Wisdom is learning to
figure out who that person is and listen to what they have to say.

Good Luck!