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Netscape question transformed

        I would like to rephrase the question I had yesterday was
completely misunderstood.  The point I was meaning to make was soppuse to
be as follows:

        Why would a compony like Netscape jeapordise themselves by even
letting                                               out a beta version so
hackers have time to find bugs before the full version is released. Don't
take me wrong I have only been on the net fer a little over a year and Love
Netscape.  And If I knew what I was Doing I would love to help them.....

        Anyway I don't mean to waste your time, but arent these kinda
things for stating your opinion?  And to clarify any questions on my age I
am 13 and was born in 1982.ok? thanks.....And I would again like to thank
perry for understanding what level Im on. I will try my best not to annoy
you or cause you any inconvenience.  And to sameer I am sorry for what I
said but you have to understyand Why I said it......

                                CyberPunc X