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On Fri, 13 Oct 1995, L.Detweiler wrote:

> Attn Reporters and Writers!! 
> who are the CYPHERPUNKS?
> what are they talking about?
> what have they done in the past?
> who are the "leaders"?
> what do they believe in? 
> what are their *real* goals?
> My name is L.Detweiler, and I've made a serious study of the more ulterior 
> aspects of the CYPHERPUNKS for several years, and I invite you to peruse my
> findings at the web site below.
> I've been quoted in various articles and I'm available for serious interviews
> with anyone who wants the REAL STORY BEHIND THE CYPHERPUNKS.
> note: be forewarned that key cypherpunks consider me a heretical 
> blasphemer because of the tenacious, unforgiving honesty and 
> zealous antisychophancy by which I have pursued this herculean study.
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