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Attn Reporters and Writers!! 

who are the CYPHERPUNKS?
what are they talking about?
what have they done in the past?
who are the "leaders"?
what do they believe in? 
what are their *real* goals?

My name is L.Detweiler, and I've made a serious study of the more ulterior 
aspects of the CYPHERPUNKS for several years, and I invite you to peruse my
findings at the web site below.

I've been quoted in various articles and I'm available for serious interviews
with anyone who wants the REAL STORY BEHIND THE CYPHERPUNKS.

note: be forewarned that key cypherpunks consider me a heretical 
blasphemer because of the tenacious, unforgiving honesty and 
zealous antisychophancy by which I have pursued this herculean study.

|   /\  |\| /~ L~            ``I have to spew this stuff, or I'd be on the
L_ /~~\ | | \_ L_             roof with a high power weapon.'' -Jim Carrey