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Re: Netscape question transformed

[email protected] wrote:
>         Why would a compony like Netscape jeapordise themselves by even
> letting                                               out a beta version so
> hackers have time to find bugs before the full version is released. Don't
> take me wrong I have only been on the net fer a little over a year and Love
> Netscape.  And If I knew what I was Doing I would love to help them.....

  The reason we do it is that without wide exposure outside the
company, it is virtually impossible to get complete testing coverage.
Given the incredible variety of machines, OS's, peripherals, etc.
that are available in the real world, there is no way we could
re-create every possible configuration in the lab.

  We also can't visit every web page, or think of every combination
of features that clever people in the real world come up with every


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