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Re: Netscape question transformed

On Fri, 13 Oct 1995, Jeff Weinstein wrote:

>   The reason we do it is that without wide exposure outside the
> company, it is virtually impossible to get complete testing coverage.
> Given the incredible variety of machines, OS's, peripherals, etc.
	    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^		    ^^^^
> that are available in the real world, there is no way we could
> re-create every possible configuration in the lab.

Yeah right. Way to go, Jeff.
You even say that OS/2 Windows better than Windows itself. Get real.
Don't you even realize that OS/2 is another OS! It has its own API. 
Stop treating other OS-es whose have emulator with the original one. 
Netscape uses some low-level MS-Windows specific API in order to run 
it well. How could you expect it run under emulator?
Now, wait! .. PowerPC will have OS/2 .. therefore, Netscape will say, 
sorry folks - you have to use Netscape for Windows .. bla-bla-bla.
Get real Jeff. Many people try to improve and make a wonderful product 
better, and Netscape certainly one of it. See how many people have 
pledge (even begged - I heard) Netscape to make Netscape for OS/2 (not 
to mention Amiga (oh ya, I forgot, Netscape will tell Amiga users to 
use Mac version because Amiga can run Mac-emulator - ha ha)).

>   We also can't visit every web page, or think of every combination
> of features that clever people in the real world come up with every
> day.  

That's true enough.