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DSS patent license

>>> RSA Data Security, Inc.
>>> today announced that it is now licensing patents for the Digital Signature
>>> Standard (DSS), the U.S. government standard for digital signatures.
>> I believe someone was suing the U.S. government on the grounds that the
>> public signature standard wasn't supposed to require proprietary
>> technology.  Has this gone anywhere yet?
>> --
>>    Eli Brandt
>>    [email protected]

Yes, I had such a lawsuit.  No, it didn't go anywhere in the courts,
but the feds did eventually cave in to the principal demand of my
suit: That the DSA patent be made available to anyone on a royalty-free

So how is it that RSADSI and Cylink/CKC claim you need licenses to
their patents to use DSS?  Because they have other patents.  I have
another lawsuit directed at those patents.  Stay tuned.

Roger Schlafly
[email protected]