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Re: applications

At 5:50 pm 10/13/95, cYberpUnc wrote:
>        I know this isnt what you guys generally talk about but I was curious.
>Off the top of your head do you know of any sites where I can get kracking
>apps for macs?  Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Before looking at the address information I was going to send a one line: "Go away" reply to the question. I thought you promised to try to be less obnoxious. If you'd calm down and read the list for a while you might realize why this might not be the place to pose such questions. Why not take a look at the newsgroup alt.2600? You might find it a rather rude place to frequent and I'd certainly never send my 13 year old there (my oldest is currently 8) but I get the impression the topics you'd find there might prove more interesting than the political and/or technical discussions you'll find here. By all means enjoy yourself here but spend more time listening.

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